hanging on

There's a lot of things I'm supposed to do/have done this week that are writing related, even apart from actually writing Thunderbird, which has been slower going than anything ever written by me in history. Type out the ceremony for the wedding I officiated. Miss band practice yesterday. Fire missive to Russia about how, hey Fuck You Russia! Promised analysis of  volume one of Uncanny X-Force. Write a blog post since its been fore-ever.

Well, that's one down.

I've finished only the first chapter and half the second chapter of Tbird in the month and a half since I've started writing it. That is not a good pace, but I think I've created some head-space for it in recent days and can start to crank up. So goals are good. 500 words a day starting today. "Back to the old time is money pitch.

Not back on it. Still on it."

I'll skip the Russia missive that should help.

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