The Manipulator's Knock - Chapter One

Unedited, unadorned. First chapter of The Manipulator's Knock


Done Eight

500 words today, and Tryst is in the books, so to speak. This'll need some work, I think. Six months for a ~61,000 word novel is not a great pace.

I'm going to spend the rest of the week finishing the short story "The Dragon", and then start on The Manipulator Knocks / The Manipulator's Knock on Sunday July 10th.   


Some number of words in Tryst. Not finished, but nearly. Should end this week. I wrote about 400 words in a short story called The Dragon, which is about rescuing something from a flooded house.



a short story by Charles Ll. Hoehnen

Joan waits for Alice's call. She is late again. Something must have happened to her. Always afraid of what might happen to Joan hears voices and sees ghosts.

"Hello, hello? Joan?"

"Alice? Yeah, it's Joan. I can barely hear you."

Alice's choked breath clamors above the static - gulping air.

"I'm in big trouble. I need help."

"Oh God. What happened? Where are you?"

"It's awful ... I can't tell ..."

A wash of noise obscures Alice's words. She squeals into the speaker and Joan, shocked, jerks the phone away from her ear. The call drops and the line is quiet.


New target

I've looked at the numbers and the outline again and have come to a new estimate of about 68,000 words for this novel. That' puts me at 30000 away. Or, 1000 a day for the next month.


All Shapes . . .

Winston Hardhack welcomes the werewolf with open arms. He has to escape somehow. The bottle hasn't helped, except in losing his job. He doesn't know how to be a father to Simon, his newborn son. His wife Cassandra doesn't love him anymore. He expects to die when he forces himself on the beast. He doesn't want to become like her. Feral and lusting, as beautiful as the moon, heart furious and cold as winter, the beast grows inside him.

Cassandra needs an escape, too. Since the birth she doesn't feel anything anymore; not for Win, not even for Simon. She's been sleeping with one of her students. The pleasure of the affair is empty, but she can't seem to end it. Not until she learns her husband's secret.

Intoxicated with the werewolf's power, infected by its violence, she begins to change along side him. Win feeds the insatiable hunger of the beast with murder after murder, and Case begs for its gift, that promise . . . of freedom.
ALL SHAPES is a horror novel, complete at 81,000 words.


The very beginning of a query. I fucking hate queries.


"Every single shape I see for the pile of dust it is."

All Shapes beta draft finished. Querying to commence soon. Also get back to Tryst.


Man, time flies when your working fucking constantly. I've been doing some long hand in bed still, but I'm only at 27,000, which is about 1,200 a week.

I'm not fretting, though, because I am writing a lot of music. I'm recording a record with my band soon, as well as a full length solo record. I've been demoing about a song a day for the last week on another record, for some recording by myself sometime in the future. This is what's goin' on:

The Spur and the Long Lost, "Released as Steam"
Chant of the Long Lost
Dimensional Door
Give Blood
Blisters Make the Best Friends
In the Arcs
Shake the Stone
Brain Beam
February Murders
Ryme of the Future Wormshirts

The Spur's Erratic Oldforce, "Participator"
Nothing Dies, Part I
Nothing Dies, Part II
Give Up (Another Dream)
Build A Home
This Living Hand
Moment In Black
Hard To Love
Last Meal
The Circumstances at the End

The Spur, "Simple Heart"
Killer B
Simple Hearts

Labor (Losing) 

Labor (Love)
Til the Hooves


400 again. Pack still champs tho. What?


500 yesterday. new job today.


400 words. Not one of them means a damn thing!



The holiday's have ended somewhat unceremoniously. E- was super sick for the last week, so I didn't get anything done. I did however start Tryst on schedule yesterday. I haven't met my A Moment in the Storm or All Shapes beta goals, but thems the breaks. I'll keep on working on that as I write this book.

1000 words in Tryst yesterday.