600 yesterday. the narrative is so up tempo that I have a hard time catching the beat when I break for the weekend. Obvs. shouldn't break.


The Tall Trees

Going into the woods with my wife this weekend. Three day hiatus from Stray Light, but as I mentioned before, will edit All Shapes. Fairly close to being on track w/ the 4 chapters a week. chapter 7 was a two-scene chapter, and is about half again as long as most of the chapters. 8 is shorter.

The Tall Trees. I might do some work on an outline for this idea I had a few weeks ago. I needed to find a project that didn't have any fantasy/sf elements, closer to the vein of Tryst (though this promises to have at least some mystical notes). I'll tell you about it sometime.


900 words yesterday. welcome Logan Joseph Hoehnen! Rarr!


Forgot to update on my progress in the second draft of All Shapes . . .

I'm through chapter 13, which is pretty much exactly half way through the book. I may end up slowing down slightly because of starting Stray Light.

Been a long time

I started A Stray Light From Tomorrow yesterday, ramping up slowly with 700 words. The book will have just under fifty chapters, so a lower word per chapter count overall, though I'm giving myself up to around 90,000 words to get this one down.