Future works

The current slate of upcoming novels, in roughly the order I plan to write them in:

My Sleep Debt, Sleeper Series (in progress)
A Stray Light From Tomorrow
Antilotian Romances, Book I: A Moment in the Storm (in progress)
This Living Hand
The Wake of Ages
Antilotion Romances, Book II: Devil in the Quick
Our Bright Midnight, Sleeper Series
Antilotion romances, Book III: The Silent Hour
These Starry Eyes, Sleeper Series
Antilotion Romances, Book IV: Last Stitch of Life
Antilotion Romances, Book V: New Year Song
The "Where We Live"
Correspondences of Frens and Bonz

This week's goals

Hi all. I'm married now. Good news!

This week I plan on writing 1,500 a week, putting me over 30,000 words and staring at about 50,000 words to go in My Sleep Debt. The last two weeks have been busy, but I've also been troubled by periods of doubt and disillusionment. Every writer worth a pinch of salt has these periods. I will press on!

Long term goals follow.

Spring 2010
May 28th - Finish 1st draft of My Sleep Debt

Summer 2010
July 4th - Finish 2nd draft of A Still Tower At Twilight
July 16th - Finish through Chapter 15 of A Moment in the Storm
July 19th - Begin 1st draft of A Stray Light From Tomorrow

August 1st - Begin 2nd draft of All Shapes . . .

Fall 2010

October 1st - Finish 2nd draft of All Shapes . . .
October 29th - Finish 1st draft of A Stray Light From Tomorrow


November 1st - Begin 2nd draft of My Sleep Debt
November 1st - Begin Chapter 16-44 of A Moment in the Storm

2011 and Beyond
January 15th - Finish 2nd draft of My Sleep Debt
April 1st - Finish 1st draft of A Moment in the Storm
May 1st - Begin 1st draft of This Living Hand



Back from my honeymoon. New updates will follow.


Whoa . . .

I'm super crushed this week! What with preparing for NOLA, I've decided to put a "pause" on My Sleep Debt. Doesn't mean I wont work on it, but it does mean I won't be setting unrealistic goals for myself. I can't imagine the pause being lifted until I get back from vacation, the last week of March/ first of April. I think my tentative end date is going to be May 28th. 10 weeks from when I get back. If I have thirty thousand words by the time I leave (I'm currently at 23,500, meaning I just need 6,500 more in the next ten days), I would only have to do 5,000 a week, or 1,000 a day, to meet that goal.

Through April and May I hope I can get some more editing done of Still Tower, (finish second draft, if possible). I'll take June "off" before starting A Stray Light From Tomorrow, my time travel novel.


This week's goals

Ah, I can smell the crisp anticipation of spring on everyone's skin! The blackbirds flock to the backyard in the morning! This week I'd like to shoot for between 1,600 and 2,000 words a day, though I expect to be quite busy, since I have a show on Friday. In all, I'd like to have 40,000 words by E- and I's trip to NOLA. That's 24,000 words in 15 weekdays, or 1,600 a day. That should put me at the half way point, through Chapter 12.

Wrap up

Well, I got most of my writing done Saturday morning while I was in the middle of composing my Week end project post. I did end up writing 150 more words, but only just! Of course I barely got a chance to look at my outline - I'll have to do that today before moving forward - but this does mark the end of Chapter Four - "A funny couple of suits". It is overlong, I need to tighten up the pacing now that the "case" is being introduced.

Stay tuned for weekly goals . . .