AN EMPTY PLACE, Chapter Six - "Cutting Off The Fat"

Halfway. A necessary surgery. The mountain cold shadow. Memory/no mind. 

This is the part where the band gets together.



Herd In the Year

Can't believe it's been so long since I've posted a list of the books I have done and am going to do and all the things I'll wish I'd made when the record ends.

Below is a complex:

AN EMPTY PLACE, Chapter Five - "The Lid of Madness"

Been a bit hasn't it? I'm out of training at work, so that's good news. I'd been kind of dreading putting this chapter up because - although I really like it and it works almost as a short story - formatting it for the blog is going to be a challenge. So if anything looks screwy, I'm working on it.

In another bit of news, the illustrator guy is going to school again so I don't expect to see those for some time.

Here we get into the bowels of the books world, and we begin to pull back the enchanted, blood soaked curtain.