Herd In the Year

Can't believe it's been so long since I've posted a list of the books I have done and am going to do and all the things I'll wish I'd made when the record ends.

Below is a complex:


A Secret Path 
novella/35,000/a dream poem where a woman wanders once lost in the woods
Dec 2008 [trunked]

An Empty Place
novel/75,000/dystopian fantasy
Feb 2009 
[self pub on blog]

The Still Tower 
novel/140,000/epic lovecraftian horror with dozens of characters spanning a century
August 2009 [trunked]

All Shapes
novel/80,000/dramatic horror about kitchen werewolves
January 2010 [3rd draft, submitting]

My Sleep Debt
novel/80,000/urban fantasy about unlikely partners in a supernatural detective agency
June 2010 [2nd draft]

A Stray Light From Tomorrow
novel/85,000/sf thriller where a man returns to his home town to find his missing wife
November 2010 [1st draft]

novella/60,000/erotic horror where a witch haunts a vacationing couple at a cabin on a lake
July 2011 [1st draft]

novel/80,000/horror of a man haunted by his dead daughter
April 2012 [1st draft]

A Silver Braid
novel/80,000/dystopian sf about an amnesiac in a totalitarian nightmare
January 2013 [1st draft]


The Manipulator's Knock (w/t)
novel/25,000 out of 90,000/western fantasy about a drover facing the end of her world

The Antilodian Romances Book I: A Moment in the Storm 
novel/50,000 out of 150,000/epic fantasy

Thunderbird (current WIP)
novel/22,000 out of 80,000/a young woman searches for her sister


Wake of Ages - sf/space opera novel
Portals 4 Hearts - ya superheroes novel
Sigils - horror novel
In the Tall Trees - mystery novella
Saucer Shape (w/t) - sf/time travel epic
Our Bright Midnight - sequel to My Sleep Debt
The Antilodian Romances Books II-V

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