An Empty Place is on kindle

It's only a $1.33

It's pretty long which is why it's more than a dollar I guess. Also, I'm moving this blog over to tumblr, because phones.


Once and future thing

I have some time while waiting waiting waiting to do some writing. I'm going to start with one of those fun (for me) lists of upcoming projects and some few spark phrases about them. I also want to get to my reflections on An Empty Place, just what I learned from writing it and what I wouldn't do again, some thematic resonances I didn't totally expect, problems to avoid, etc.


I have a daughter named Hilde Gwyneth Malcolm-Hoehnen now. It's funny how you end up banging your head on things when bending over and forgetting how to walk when you can't think about any one else except your daughter. I can't wait to start reading to her, not really possible right now. I can't wait to write so that some day if I'm lucky I can show it to her and find a way to inspire her.