Serial: "The Cold Slope Incident" Part 2

It's been a week. Here's part 2. I was on vacation for a few days and then I've been busy sleeping.


Serial: "The Cold Slope Incident" - Part 1

Here's something. I'll post a short story in serialized segments about once a week. Just a first draft with a quick edit to polish it up some. It'll be a detective story. Sort of.



I found this letter when I was browsing the internet today, from this:


Where We Live

This is a poem I wrote to recite at a wedding once:


for the love of pete

I'm a straight ally, please do not speak queer hate around me or I'll fucking violence you. 

It seems that some people do not know this? Know it.


the spar

Here's an interview with Al Sparhawk from my favorite band LOW at stereogum. They have a new record coming out next month. This part struck me as particularly true:


Snow Milwaukee Night Awesome No Search

This guy is offering me a fab Friday I can take or leave, I don't know it seems like a good deal but his face says maybe it's not such a good deal.



Below the break is a flash piece of less than 100 words.


Spooling out my river

Brewer's Dictionary to Phrase and Fable is online, which is a good thing. Here's a link to the text file, which we all know are still my favorite things on the internet.

Here's the bit that will tell you what kind of stuff you'll find in said book:
Dyed in the wool. Cloth which is wool-dyed
(not piece-dyed) is true throughout and will
wash. Hence the phrase is used to describe
anything or person absolutely genuine.

Tiu. Son of Woden (Scandinavian mythology),
and a younger brother of Thor. The wolf
Fenrir bit off his hand.
Also this is about as awesome as awesome things get: