Once and future thing

I have some time while waiting waiting waiting to do some writing. I'm going to start with one of those fun (for me) lists of upcoming projects and some few spark phrases about them. I also want to get to my reflections on An Empty Place, just what I learned from writing it and what I wouldn't do again, some thematic resonances I didn't totally expect, problems to avoid, etc.

First, the those pieces in progress that I'm going to work on in the near future.

current work in progress, new adult horror, 39,000/85,000 words.

Cruel Myth
current short story in progress, weird, about 7,000 words.

A Moment in the Storm
long gestating epic fantasy which I've been outlining and brainstorming on for the last few weeks. 50,000/150,000 words.

The next novels I'm planning on doing at this moment are a series of Young Adult horror novels, some with supernatural elements, some straight-up thrillers. I think I'll do one or two before doing another adult/upscale novel.

Cruel Education
thriller about a suicide that begins a string of related deaths. The main character is a failing high-school student that has to go to night class to graduate on time. About 50,000 words.

These Halloween Nights
a horror story about a secret cult that abducts women they believe are witches, and a girl whose latent psychic talent is awakened after her father dies. 50,000.

Within a Bloody Grove
a two part thriller. The first part follows a killer as he chooses his victim. The second part follows the girl who plots revenge on him. 60-70,000 words.

Owls of Spare House
cosmic style horror about a group of troubled kids from the reform school/asylum called "Spare House" who encounter a strange creature in the forest. 70-80,000.

a thriller about a debate team at nationals, where the other power-house teams are mysteriously at each other's throats and breaking down before important matches. things escalate when the main character sees her partner seemingly commit a horrible crime. 50,000.

The Wraith Inside
a mysterious force is killing people on Silent Street. An inquisitive young girl investigates and uncovers a local legend among the Silent Street residents that may have prompted the vengeful monster's appearance.

Mount Descendants / In the Tall Trees / Lake Eerie
a young vagabond appears at a rural farm and begins a chain of events which tears the family that has lived there for generations apart, ending in murder.

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