AN EMPTY PLACE - Table of Contents


a novel by Charles Ll. Hoehnen

12. Home

Holm Aegis used to be powerful. An Adept wielding secret magic, part of the revolutionary underground that fights against the global domination of the Paternach. Now he's just an empty vessel with no memory, held together by a spell. But a black shape dominates his mind.

The mountain. Where he tried to save his son and died instead.

His path leads there again, through the desolate wilderness hunted by demons, through the Accelerated Cities as Paternach thugs close in on him, through the astral realm under the same threat that has plagued the world, every harried step bringing him closer.

He's not alone, not anymore: Tad the rebel vagabond is on his elbow, leading, or leaning on him. Darling the Adept opens the door to his memory. Together they descend to the pit of hell to rescue the child, each other, and Holm's humanity itself. 

AN EMPTY PLACE is a dystopian fantasy set in an unknown future, where golems, mages, and high technology play on the same stage as Orwell and Lovecraft.