Hello life and work update.

I started my next novel back on the 24th. It's been achingly slow going. I now know the struggle of having an actually challenging job that takes a lot of brain and leaves little for me at the end of the day. Maybe when I quit drinking I can funnel that dead time into . . . something else.

Partisan practiced last night again. Erin hates it when she's alone on a Friday. I don't like capitalizing days of the week, they don't feel important enough, when you look at the rest of those nouns.

Joans is the name of the short story collection I've been working on for the last year or so. It's almost done as far as the actual pieces, I just have two more to finish: "Joan_" which is a flash prayer, and "Cruel Myth" which I was in the middle of when I decided it was time to start Thunderbird. Here's the proposed toc which I'm sure my more avid followers :tch: will find familiarity within.

short stories by Charlie Ll. Hoehnen

The Dragon


the storm

Distance, or The Deer in Darkness


News From The Compartment

people eat off of you

The Arm of Heaven

The Organist



The Cold Slope Incident

Cruel Myth


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