This week's goals, the return

I wrote 900 words last Friday, and tightened up the outline for the next few chapters. Somehow I got a sniffle this weekend, either from my nephew's birthday party at Swimtastic, the new pollen chapter of spring, or drinking too much wine on Saturday night. All strong contenders.

My Sleep Debt stands flush at 44,300, at the beginning of Chapter 13. Including this one, I have eleven or twelve more chapter's to go, with a possible coda. One chapter is kind of a rest and reflection chapter for our hero, but I won't know if it fits until I get there. 

My goals this week: reach 52,000 words by Saturday. I'm going to focus on getting some writing done on the weekends from here on out, and attempt to complete the book before my wedding party on June 19th. 

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