Schedule soldier

Schedule soldier, on the hill, turns the scope around.

Now that I'm trucking along nicely in Sleep Debt, I am going to reset some of my schedules from the last couple of months. I'm still pretty sure the next novel I'm going to write is Stray Light. I am totally torn after that, though, between Tryst and This Living Hand (I still want a different title for this, but we'll see). I also know I am going to have to tackle the fantasy series. But Sleep Debt is kind of a light, urban fantasy. Still Tower has the multiple p.o.v. characters in common with Moment,  too. Plus I need to edit that bloated corpsicule. 

Yeah, I def. think I'm going to continue putting the fantasy off, maybe do four or five chapters this summer, while working on a short story, before Stray Light. . . . hm, hope you don't mind me brainstorming with my fingertips. Got a line of electric light flowing.

June 12th - complete first draft of My Sleep Debt (80,000 words)

July 31st - complete short stories "A Man Averted His Eyes", and "News from the Compartment", and through Chapter 14 in A Moment in the Storm. (lol. seems like a lot for 6 weeks. we'll see.)
Aug. 1st - begin first draft of A Stray Light From Tomorrow (80,000 words)

Nov. 1st - begin first draft of Tryst (60,000) or This Living Hand (100,000) for NaNoWriMo

That should easily take us out of the year. Gotta find more time to work on those already completed novels, stories, and get them queried/submitted as needed. Keep the dust off.

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