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I am definitely a "nexter", always prepared to move to the next novel before the last one (or the one before the last one) is edited. I like to do two edits before a draft sees a beta reader. I'm currently working on my second novel's line by line, and dear jebus, it is a slog.

I think the manuscript is in the absurd number of pages (600+ probably?), with four parts, eight chapters in each part, plus another chapter at the beginning and the end. I'm only about fifty pages into it. Daunting, daunting, daunting.

I think I'll try to do at least three pages a day. That way I should finish in about six months at the latest. At some point I'll start the "second" edit, which is incorporating my line by lines into the beta draft, along with any restructuring or new prose.

Keep ya'll posted for good measure and motivation.

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