Tryst - new novel idea

Occasionally I'll post my new fiction ideas (or old, since I just started this blog).

Five or six years ago when I lived on Farwell and we were still in school, I wrote a short screenplay for a film I wanted to direct called "Tryst". I started to adapt the screenplay into a short story a year ago, but I'm thinking it would work better as a novel.

It's about a couple who visit the woman's aunt and uncle at their summer cabin in the north woods. Over the course of the vacation (my working title was "Vacation" but it sounded too much like a Chevy Chase movie) Melanie is seduced by her aunt and uncle, and Mark, who is left in the cold, grows increasingly jealous. Mark has powerful connections back in the city, and he's willing to use them to regain the upper hand in his marriage. Things end violently.

Some aspect of this story will be the difference between the surreal moments of seduction that Melanie experiences, Mark's paranoid fantasies, the idyllic lake cabin, and the weird, almost animal behavior of the aunt and uncle . I'm thinking of approaching the story in a similar way to how I wrote All Shapes . . ., with alternating 3rd person p.o.v.'s between Mel and Mark, though I'd probably want to stay more firmly in dramatic voice. 

Fun note: pretty much everything I've written in a contemporary or historical setting has been set in the north woods.

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