My head is a heavy ball filled with crystal fluid. I will be updating my goals in the middle of the week (Wednesday or Thursday morning) to reflect the progress I've made and my expectations for the rest of the week. Because I've been sick and my focus poor, I'm scaling back.

Adjusted goals:

finish Chapter Nine - Sons of the Statum in A Moment in the Storm
complete editing through Chapter Three - Alchemy and Alarms in An Empty Place
continue developing outline for My Sleep Debt.

At this point it looks like my goal of a February 15th start date for My Sleep Debt is still possible. I'd also like to be finished with the 3rd draft of An Empty Place, and I'll probably be done with Part II of AMitS. Though this break between new ms is only going to be five weeks, it feels like much longer. I'm hesitant to adjust that period oto much (I already bumped up the start date for MSD by two weeks out of growing impatience), as I worry a shorter gestation period will lead to inadequate ideas and poor execution.

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