This week's goals

I'm not writing a new ms (manuscript) currently, except for leisurely completing Part II of A Moment in the Storm prior to February 15th. That's six chapters at about 4,000 words a chapter, or 24,000 words. Since it will be five weeks worth of writing total, that's only an average of 685 words a day, well below my targets when seriously focusing on a new ms (though I rarely set wc goals for the week end). 

As of today, January 25th, I've completed the first two chapters of Part II (Chapter Seven - Stories and Ceremonies, Chapter Eight - A Very Quiet Man). The goal for this week is to complete Chapters Nine - Sons of the Statum, and finish the majority of Chapter Ten - To Love Is To Fear.

However, the primary goal for this week is to get knee deep in editing the 3rd draft of my first full length novel, An Empty Place. Editing it now, I definitely feel that it is extremely close to submission quality. I'll set the goal of completing the first three chapters. Another minor goal includes continuing the final outline for My Sleep Debt.

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