The plan keeps coming up again

Nxt few weeks are going to be spent on the beta draft of All Shapes, and getting through a few chapters in A Moment in the Storm. It's been a long time since I've written any of it, and I feel strongly about how it might turn out. It's a little strange writing a few chapters in between other projects. You'd think the writing would get stronger with each novel on the stack, so to speak. I'll take a little time to read over a little of what I've done in that, organize my thoughts, and plow forward. I also might poke at a short story or four.

I had a new idea for a book! I know, right? I think it'll be called Hooves, and it'll be really scary.

For fun, here's my currently percolating novel ideas, in rough order:

Tryst - Owen and Mel take a holiday at her family's cabin. They meet her Uncle Gray and Aunt Betty there, active fifty-somethings who take care of the cabin year round. Owen and Mel's dysfunctional relationship is revealed as Gray and Betty attempt to comfort, even seduce, Mel away from her violent, almost delusional husband. When three young students of Gray's arrive as guests, Owen begins to blatantly lust after one of them. His intentions turn . . .

The Manipulators / Dimensional Door / This Living Hand - As yet untitled fantasy novel about Holis and Dormir, a pair of adventurers who must round up a cadre of misfits to escape their world that is coming apart at the seams.

The Tall Trees - A young runaway is taken in by a rural family trying to make ends meet on their farm. The mother begins to suspect the girl is trying to seduce her husband, even as her son is falling in love. When confronted, the girl reveals her true feelings, and they are not what anyone expected. The mother finds a way to get rid of the girl who is ruining her family from the inside out. Ruining it rotten.

Hooves - A father is grieving the death of his family after a home invasion. He begins to hear noises in the basement, and discovers the ghost of his daughter is haunting the cubby where she used to play with her brother. at first she tries to comfort him, but soon she begins to make outrageous, terrible demands of her father, who is too broken and heart-sick to resist.

Wake of Ages - continuation of the short story "The Arm of Heaven", sf/fantasy space opera.

Our Bright Midnight - sequel to My Sleep Debt

Rough schedule for the next few months:

12/10 - complete All Shapes beta draft.
12/31 - complete through chapter 15 of AMITS (five total). about 18,000 words.
1/3 - begin Tryst first draft, target word count of 70,000.

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