done six . . .

3,000 yesterday, completing chapter 45 - "The Lure", and marking THE END of A Stray Light from Tomorrow. This is a book I didn't like so much when writing it, but I cried at the end so it must be worth something. It's come it at my revised estimate of 84,000 words.

There was SO MUCH PLOT in this book, necessarily due to the multiple permutations through multiple time/s. During the writing, it often reminded me of my trunked book The Still Tower at Twilight, except with far fewer characters to keep track of. I do think my first line edit and beta draft will involve figuring out my protagonists a little bit more, fleshing them slightly (I hate to make character motivation overly psychological, so I went super bare bones in this first draft) now that I've got the dramatic notes on paper.

Post later today about upcoming plans. Ideas. Thxgvn.

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