Week end projects . . .

This afternoon we'll be going to E-'s parents house, but I've already fired off 500 words. Chapter Four has turned out a little harder than I expected, as there are two rapid changes of pace as the story proper gets revved up after a brief interlude in my main character's normal routine. I did a quick look at my outline and I already see some tightening of the plot necessary before I get too far.

So my projects for this weekend are to catch up to 16,000 words (750 more) and review my outline, and deepen my notes in that outline going forward.

I also hope to do some editing on Still Tower at Twilight, which I didn't get to last week, what with E- being in Tampa and all. I'm also considering a name change, seeing as it has the word "Twilight" in it, and that may give people the wrong impression. It's kind of a lovecraftian cosmic horror novel, with multiple point of view characters facing the indifference of the universe and the cruelty of humanity that seeks its power. I used to call it Threshold, a direct nod to Lovecraft, but there is already a book called that. I have considered names like Black Room With A Voice. If someone ever reads it perhaps they might have suggestions. It's over 700 pages long in manuscript form though!

Later: I did 1,100 this morning total! So only 150 more for peace.

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