An Empty Place, Query

Posted below is my current draft of the AEP query. I'm pretty confident with it. Let me know what you think.


Dear [Agent]:

Holm Aegis is running. He can't rest or the hunters will find him.

They are not human, their faces are culled from a nightmare. He's hurt: a roiling sore gnaws his insides and worsens with every step. Did they wound him? He can't see straight in these desolate woods, he can't remember how he got here, where is he going? His mind clutters with strange symbols when he tries to recall his past. He sees a giant red cat made of starlight and fire. A spirit guide. A hallucination.

Before he is lost to madness Holm is rescued by a hard-hearted woman named Tad. She is his compass. She takes his hand in the darkness and leads him to light. But she can't help him remember. Their ultimate salvation lies in the symbols that cloud Holm's mind. They are the keys to unlocking a hidden world of magick, if he is willing to relive his violent past.

But it might be too late. The wound in Holm's side is getting worse. Growing. It moves inside of him.


AN EMPTY PLACE is a dystopian fantasy, complete at 72,750-words. It should appeal to readers of Ursula K. LeGuin and Philip K. Dick.

I can be contacted at any time by phone at ### ### ####, or email: hoehnen AT gmail DOT com. Thank you for your time and consideration,

Charles Ll. Hoehnen

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